Media and Conflict Interchange

Task: to update the old design and populate the site with new content.

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  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • WordPress driven
  • Easy-to-update blog and films section

About the Website

The Media and Conflict Interchange is an annual event that is organised by the University of Bradford. This event is designed to explore the relationship between documentary and fiction films and conflict. This will be done by accompanying the film with talks from speakers who are expert in the topic or location represented by the film.

Media and Conflict

Originally the website was designed the way that is was impossible to separate blog posts from posts about film screenings. Also, it was hard to find the way to archive old content.


Media and Conflict

As a result of my work on the website, I organised the content by post type and year, removing less important posts from the homepage. I put a lot of effort in making the screenings section stand out and be clear and easy-to-update.

Despite the fact that I redesigned the site completely, I kept the original logo and preserved the colour scheme.


Media and Conflict

Speakers page

Media and Conflict