Logo Design

Task: to create a memorable, clear and crisp logo for Bradford Bike Hub.

Although I don’t specialise in logo design, I took the initiative to participate in Bradford Bike Hub logo design competition. The requirements were:

  • To create a memorable, clear and crisp logo
  • To use the colour green
  • To include an image of a bicycle and the words ‘Bradford Bike Hub’
  • To promote that they are a community-based group, rather than a corporate brand
  • To emphasise on sustainable and active travel

So, this is what I submitted to the contest. All work is done in Illustrator, thus the logo is fully vector based.

Bradford Bike Hub

Luckily, my logo was chosen as best logo to represent the Bike Hub so I won the competition! As a reward I got a bike from the Bradford Bike Hub.

Bradford Bike Hub

Moreover, it is very rewarding to see my work everywhere throughout campus: on posters, signboards and even on bike seat covers. Image source: Bradford Bike Hub Facebook Page

Bradford Bike Hub seat covers